Scaleup growth...
but not at any cost

Download our guide, ‘From Founder to Leader’ for five mindset shifts you can take to power up your scaleup and avoid founder burnout.

Unleash the performance potential in your team

And become the thriving scaleup you want to be

"I've been surprised by how much we have achieved - especially big-ticket changes we've been talking about for years! Overall, my confidence in my own ability and the ability of our business has rocketed."
Joel Dalton
Co-founder of Clone Media

Do you feel like the only person
driving growth in your business?

Not seeing growth from increased headcount?

Escalating costs and insufficient return on additional investment.

Disengaged teams wasting time on internal tensions?

Workflows and handovers leading to mistakes and conflict.

Not retaining customers and getting poor reviews?

Constant focus on new business rather than repeat custom.

Worried that you don't have the right culture for growth?

Challenges retaining people and losing the entreprenuerial spirit.

At Work Extraordinary,
we can help.

I’m Barry McNeill, founder of Work Extraordinary. Our mission is to enable founders to make bold decisions and create organisations where people can be the very best version of themselves.

We inspire the leaders of scaleup businesses to develop innovative and creative work environments where people can thrive. Our diverse team of organisational and leadership development specialists, occupational psychologists, and executive coaches believe in the power of people to build great professional services firms.

We tailor our work around your business needs

We know you are unique. Every client we work with is different.

Our approach is built around our immersive D4E framework: we work with you to discover where you are currently, explore the art of the possible, enable you and your team to experiment together, evaluate the impact and expand on what accelerates growth in
your business.

Together, we learn what works for your scaleup.

Download the 'From Founder to Leader' workbook now and start to take action to shape your scaleup organisation today.

Power up your scaleup now: unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of your people.

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